Revere is proud to announce that Kyle Wool is now President at Revere Securities.

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Revere is proud to announce that Kyle Wool is now President at Revere Securities.

NEW YORK, April 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Revere Securities is pleased to announce that Kyle Wool has been promoted to the role of President of Revere Securities.  Mr. Wool will continue to guide the Private Wealth Management initiatives with a keen focus on expanding the business across other areas of the firm. In his new role, Mr. Wool will assume a greater leadership role in guiding the strategy and direction of the organization. In his prior role as Head of Revere Private Wealth Management, Mr. Wool has led the significant expansion of Revere’s wealth and asset management business in just over one year.

Chairman Bill Moreno said, “Today Revere Securities is a leading emerging growth-focused Broker Dealer serving many industries globally, thanks in large part to Kyle’s leadership, energy, and tenacity. I am extremely honored to recognize Kyle’s new leadership role within the firm. This recognition of his accomplishments in such a short time is a testament to his ethos.”


About Kyle Wool
Kyle Wool has been served as President of Wealth Management and head of private wealth management at Revere Securities for two years.  Prior to Revere, Kyle was an Executive Director at Morgan Stanley and the head of The Wool Group. Prior to Morgan Stanley, Kyle was a Managing Director and producing sales manager at Oppenheimer and Co., Inc. He was also Based in Hong Kong from 2010 until of 2013, Where he served as a Managing Director of the Professional Investors Group for Oppenheimer Asia Ltd.