Daniel Barnett


Dan Barnett is the Chairman, CEO and Co-founder of Revere. He is the former CEO and Chairman of Broadmark Asset Management LLC, an institutional money management firm. Previously

William F. Moreno

Chief Executive Officer

Bill is the Chief Executive Officer at Revere Securities and oversees all aspects of the firm, with an emphasis on business development and corporate strategy. 

Kyle M. Wool

President of Wealth Management.

Head of Private Wealth Management

Kyle serves as President of Wealth Management at Revere Securities. Kyle also is the Head of Revere Private Wealth Management which provides integrated strategies designed to help 

Oseas Zuluaga

Chief Financial Officer

Oseas is the Chief Financial Officer at Revere Securities. He joined Revere in 2017, bringing decades of experience and leadership in securities and trading industries

Bill Kabbaj

Global Head of Investment Banking

Bill’s track record consists of deep, extensive and successful investment banking advisory and private equity investing in New York, Silicon Valley, and in the United Arab