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James Dever

Branch Manager - BOSTON
  • Email:
  • Phone: +1-857-453-4432
  • License: 7, 8, 24 & 63

Jim is a former Managing Director/Branch Manger of Oppenheimer’s Boston branch and built an office with 20+ reps with approximately $8 million in revenues. During his time there, he created the infrastructure and team to support the growth of the business as well as expansion into other cities.

Before Oppenheimer, Jim was the Assistant Manager of Gruntal’s Boston office which grew to more than 60 reps and 18+ million in revenues. His primary role was regulatory supervision of the sales force which included private transactions and other business lines. Jim also worked with a team focused on recruitment of reps into Boston.

The Wool Group Boston

Jim Dever is partnered with Kyle Wool who leads the team as President of Revere Wealth Management. With an extensive working knowledge with private to public transactions, Kyle and his team has the infrastructure coupled with the depth of knowledge to support corporate services with a global reach.

His role as a Branch Manager is to build the presence of RIA’s and the retail sales force one rep at a time while maintaining a regulatory focus. Jim is also partnered with Tom Irwin who is the Regional Manager, bringing with him many years of experience and an understanding of the recruiting process from both from the firm level as well as the recruit who is entrusting us with his business.

Another of our team members is the CEO William Moreno who Jim has known for many years and is committed to establish a deal that works for the rep and his clients. When it comes to firm acquisition, William carefully analyzes how all the pieces best fit together within the corporate structure for the benefit of all.


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