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Martin Cummins

Head of Institutional Trading
  • Email:
  • Phone: +1-212-688-2218
  • License: 7, 55, & 63

Prior to joining Revere Securities, Martin Cummins was the global head of equity trading at Tiger Fintech, a publicly traded company under ticker TIGR US on the Nasdaq. Martin joined the Tiger platform to build institutional trading from the ground up, across offices in the US, Hong Kong, Beijing and New Zealand.

Preceding Tiger Securities, Martin was responsible for the Asia sales and trading product at BNP, America’s. Martin was instrumental for driving US equity trading business from Asian and European institutional accounts, while proactively sales trading the Asian ORD market to US based investors. Martin was also part of the BNP ETF desk, which is considered to be in the top 10 ETF market makers globally.

Prior to joining BNP, Martin was a multi-asset trader for CITIC Securities (6030 HK), the largest investment bank in mainland China. Prior to CITIC securities, Martin was the sole sales trader for Standard Chartered Bank, in which he built an institutional equity desk with several salespeople. Former to this, Martin was an institutional cash block trader at Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, in which he started his career.

Martin earned his MBA from Cornell University and a BS in Accounting from Roger William University


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