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Najat Rhoni

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  • Phone: +1-212-688-2477
  • License: 6, 7, 63, 66 and NYS life and Health

Najat Rhoni serves as a Registered Client Service Associate and executive assistance for the president of Wealth management at Revere securities LLC. She assists clients with day to day financial needs including money movement, trading, onboarding and technology support. Najat draws from more than 12 years’ experience with a focus on international wealth management and working with high net worth individuals, families and institutions. She started her career in branch banking at JPM Chase and transitioned to Wealth management at JPM Securities LLC. At JPMorgan she was named a national achiever 3 years in a row as a relationship manager. Najat also worked with the Wool Group at Morgan Stanley Wealth management. She is also fluent in French and Graduated from Baruch college earning a Bachelor of Business Administration in Public Accounting.

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