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Revere Securities acted as Co-Manger for Chenghe Acquisition Co.

Revere Securities is pleased to announce the closing of Chenghe Acquisition Co.’s (Nasdaq: CHEAU) initial public offering of offering of 11,500,000 units at a public offering price of 10.00 per unit. Revere Securities LLC acted as co-manager for the IPO which raised a total amount of $100 Million. The units are listed on the Nasdaq Global […]

Revere Securities Announces Bill Moreno as New Chairman and CEO

Revere Securities is pleased to announce that William (Bill) Moreno has been promoted to the role of Chairman/CEO. Mr. Moreno will oversee all aspects of the firm with an emphasis on business development and corporate strategy. In his new position, Mr. Moreno will assume a greater leadership role in guiding the strategy and direction of the organization. […]