Prices ‘Going up across the Markets’ – Kyle Wool

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Prices ‘Going up across the Markets’ – Kyle Wool

Kyle said, “I don’t think we’re quite in a recession yet. But I do think the Market’s going to be difficult going forward and I think it’s hard to fight the Fed and I think prices are going up across the markets”

He also added, “well, I think housing is one of the major barometers of what’s going on with rates at 6.3 percent.  It makes it hard for the average American to go out there and do a 30-year fixed.  I think across the board though for people just borrowing money for off their portfolios access to Capital is going up every single day.  A lot of people have enjoyed low interest rates being able to borrow money whether it’s off their own portfolio off their own house using these credit lines and now that becomes very expensive.  Especially most of those loans are not a 30-year fixed.  Most of those loans are an adjustable-rate mortgage.  So, it really takes that liquidity and easy money out of the system.”